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Meant to post that on my other blog but oh well, have a nice lame ootd post from me. My treat.


Me & actual woodland nymph misstorilynne <3

“Calculation isn’t my cup of tea. I never think about where a movie can get me or how it will be taken, if it’s dangerous for me or not, how it can shape my image in the media… When you think like that, in the end, you never do anything for you.”
Pimms O’clock Bargain OOTD

It’s odd that I have a day off to appreciate the nice weather Britain has been having. Usually I’m either running around the pub serving the general public all day or I’m at home recouping from just that. Naturally a day off where I’m not entirely exhausted called for a few pitchers of Pimms. Nothing in my outfit cost me more than £8.

hat:tkmaxx | dress:charity shop [originally h&m] | bag:street market in India | shoes:walmart circa 2008 | ring: topsop | sunnies:h&m
~   Meredith Grey (via creatingaquietmind)

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On Lookout by Peter Trimming